Faculty-lead Production of the short film "Evanescence"

Meet the Main Cast of Evanescence

March 21, 2022

So excited to have Gregory J.Fields on board. He’ll be embodying Jon, the father you needed as a kid and the man your parents hope you run into on the road.

Gregory is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Los Angeles whose work highlights the often-dark absurdity in reality. He received his BFA in acting at The Theatre School at DePaul University while completing a minor in screenwriting. He's a founding member of The Exodus Ensemble, an immersive theatrical experience company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
His recent credits include: Bathsheba (The Exodus Ensemble), Tongues (Santa Fe Playhouse), Ivanov (The Exodus Ensemble), Thirst (Strawdog Theatre), The Burrow (Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago & Prop Theatre). He is also one third of the band dinknflika.


We also have the lovely Nanabah Rockbridge bringing Amariah to life, the teenager who unapologetically looks for family and belonging.

Nanabah Rockbridge is a Native American teenager who originally comes from (Tsé Ch’izhí) on the Navajo reservation. In her culture she has 4 clans representing who she is as a person and they are (Áshįįhí- Salt People Clan), (Deéshchííní - Red Streak People Clan), (Haltsóoí Diné’é - Meadow People Clan) and (Tó’áhaní - Near the Water People Clan). She is an aspiring actress as she has recently been casted in a short film called “Can I love you?” Directed by Kymon Greyhorse.
Nanabah is a new and upcoming aspiring performer entering the world of Acting. Her passion for acting started from when she was a young girl performing Pow Wow as a jingle dress dancer and in elementary school throughout middle school as she learned to perform traditional dances in her culture which were Yé’ii Bichéíí, Fire Dance, And Basket Dance and in which she also learned to sing the Navajo songs. She also performed in doing traditional plays of telling Navajo Oral Stories such as (Má’íí Só Yáa’yíígaàz) The Coyote Throwing Stars into the Sky.

Meet the Director of Photography of "Evanescence", Gelareh Siavash.

February 22, 2022
Gelareh is an Iranian-American Cinematographer. She has spent early years of her career assisting major award-winning directors where she picked an interest for theatrical lighting design and cinematography.

Since 2004 she has worked as an active cinematographer and has worked on many Narrative and Documentary projects. Earlier in her career Gelareh was trained to shoot on 35mm and 16mm film, naturally her more recent projects are mostly shot digital.

Gelareh graduated from UCLA with her first MFA in Lighting Design where she was trained by Tony Award Winning Lighting Designer Neil Jampolis. She has designed lighting for major theater productions such as The Tragedy of Carmen for LA Opera.

She graduated from UCLA with her second MFA in Cinematography and became a member of Local 600 as a Director of Photography.

Gelareh works as Cinematographer and Lighting Designer in Los Angeles.