Faculty-lead Production of the short film "Evanescence"

Evanescence, Not A Typical Road Movie.

“Evanescence” is a short film, written and directed by Maaman Rezaee, an award-winning filmmaker and tenure-track professor at the department of Film & Digital Arts at UNM.

The film tells the story of Amariah, a Navajo teenager who travels New Mexico, looking for her missing sister. On the road, she meets Jon, a single gay father who’s fled an abusive home with his infant child. Together they form a bond, ephemeral as it be, and look for Amariah’s sister.

The film works with the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, a national epidemic that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The characters don’t let the circumstances of their lives dictate how they live every moment. A universal theme for all of us, at least in the past two years.

The team is a group of independent filmmakers and artists who rely on YOUR generosity to make the production of the film possible.

By making a donation, you will enable us to tell this story and for some of our talented students to participate in the making of a film overseen by professional heads of departments.

Your contribution to the project will pay for vital costs such as; transportation and lodging for our cast and crew, rentals of film equipment and locations, permits and insurance, and feeding the cast and crew ( as they contribute their time 10+ hours daily).